Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm at 154 lbs, and I'm stopping!

I am sitting here at a table in my new Chinese house and have decided it's time for me to stop following Gary Taubes's Atkins-style diet. To celebrate, I just ate a freshly baked baguette with salami and cheese. The reason I'm stopping is that I don't want to lose more weight, and I do want to be able to eat sandwiches or pasta every now and then without feeling guilty. This is especially as I am still struggling to find out what to cook at home in China: going out is fine and delicious, but I'm finding the selection at Chinese supermarkets for the nights we eat at home hard to get my head around. For example, the supermarket closest to me doesn't even sell any cheese. (And some of the meat, chickens with their heads still on, I'm not quite ready to take on just yet...)

Also, I feel a big goal has been achieved: I am  no longer the carb-addict I was coming into this diet. My cravings are much more balanced. This is quite apart from the not-inconsiderable achievement of losing 10-plus lbs without having to restrict my appetite (even if, at times, channelling it only into low-carb foods amounted to the same thing: I ended up not eating...).

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