Friday, February 24, 2012

Nearly at my target weight, but depressingly unhealthy couple of days

Evening weigh-in: 155.6 lbs (starting weight 166 lbs)

Amazingly, I've hit the magic 155 lbs that I was aiming to weigh after doing this diet. I'm still taken aback at the speed with which the extra 10+lbs I've been carrying since having children came off. But in the process of doing the diet, what came to really attract me was the idea of replacing carbs with vegetables. On this I am not succeeding at all in the last few days. These past two days have been super unhealthy, and it's really annoying. Yesterday, I just suddenly really felt like non-Chinese food, and the nearest place to where we were buying carpets for our ice-cold house, was a German-style brewery. In I went, and forgot about avoiding carbs until it was too late. Today, I just didn't have time to prepare vegetables/sit down for lunch, and came back to the old problem that avoiding carbs is challenging unless you are very well prepared. My old default, to eat bread and cheese, I decided to avoid, but instead I ate nothing. In the evening I was so hungry I just decided to eat early with the kids, despite the carbs.

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. I have bought a lot now, so my fridge is stocked. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Morning: Coffee
Lunch: skipped
Evening: Snack: spicy peanuts, ate pasta with tuna fish that I cooked for the kids

Morning: coffee
Lunch: German beer and bratwurst, french fries
Evening: Fell asleep

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