Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 1: morning weigh-in

This is before eating breakfast (which I normally skip anyway) or having a cup of tea:
164.2 lbs
Which means I've already lost 2 lbs just by sleeping, before even doing anything!

Charlie, my husband, is joining in the experiment and weighs 205.6lbs.

I'm such a bread and pasta addict that I'm a bit skeptical about how I'm going to do on this non-carb diet, but I will say one thing in its favour so far: shopping at the supermarket yesterday for the family was a lot quicker and easier, when I could ignore an entire food group. No bakery goods, no chips, no cereals, no cookies, no pasta: just meat, fish and vegetable. It was quite liberating.
The cost was about the same as usual though, $288 for the week, which I suppose reflects the fact that meat is more expensive, and vegetables can be quite overpriced too.


  1. This approach to eating has completely changed my life. I look forward to seeing how it changes yours. And your husband's.

    I lost 90 pounds 12 years ago and have effortlessly kept it off.

    Good luck.


  2. Thank you Darrell and that sounds amazing!

  3. You'll find that as you go along (takes about a month) you will no longer find pasta and bread to be near as addictive. I can now go to Panera (my husband still eats some bread, although less than before) and buy just his bread, while I used to purchase at least 2-3 things that I needed for the drive home. I haven't had Pizza in a while - the few times I tried it because it smelled good, the taste didn't match. So good luck with it, but there really does seem to be an addictive component to pasta and bread.