Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 3: morning

My weight: 163.2 lbs (Pre-diet 166.4 lbs)
Charlie: Went to work at 6.20 am while I was still comatose so I did not see him and have no idea whether he managed to avoid his usual bowl of cereal or what his weight is. 

OK. I have tried to take on board your comments. I will drop the fruit and fruit juice, I will not drink wine, and I will try and cut down on the caffeine, which can't be good either. I will also try and eat more calories, but I just don't feel like it. I'm going to read the comments and recommendations again to get ideas for snacks and things I might actually feel like eating, but right now, even though it's 1.35pm, I do not want lunch. I had a slight headache earlier, and took some aspirin which worked. I feel absolutely fine, just zero interest in food. I'm drinking water though. I have the feeling I have some walnuts in the cupboard. I guess I could snack on them? I don't mind the idea of that. 


  1. In my experience it is extremely hard to go 'cold turkey' as you are trying to do and change from having an average diet a week ago to a perfect one now. I have been doing this for months now and I still have orange juice in the morning and eat bad stuff every so often. Mark Sisson had a very good post on this. If you are cutting out cereal for breakfast and grains for dinner that's a massive step and I wouldn't get carried away trying to be perfect for the moment. Drink a bit of wine I think red wine is actually good for you in moderation, if you really like orange juice drink it (I do!), don't make your life a misery.

    It takes a long time to find things that you like and that are good for you. If I was you I'd try to minimise eating the bad stuff but if you do occasionally don't worry about it.

  2. Great! That you are feeling very full right now is a good sign that you are beginning the switch from sugar burning to fat burning! This natural appetite suppression without hunger is a key point showing the switch is happening.

    Now you see that altho' the diet is "eat all you want," you actually don't want to eat very much at all! This is the beauty of the thing - no hunger, so you cut calories naturally. :)

    Within the next 48 hours, if you can stay on track, you'll suddenly experience a tremendous burst of energy as well. As your enzymes begin to change toward fat-burning, energy which was locked away in your fat stores will begin to be released.

    You should also start to feel calmer and more mentally clear as insulin spikes and blog sugar changes level out. :) Many women report this; I know I experienced it!

    If the headaches continue, please also try drinking 2 cups of regular sodium chicken broth and eat 1/2 an avocado.

    You're doing very well now. I know everyone following you offers you their support and congratulations.

  3. I'm following you and rooting for you every step! I can't wait to see what your experience is.

  4. as other readers have said, refer to Mark Sisson's website for food ideas.

    yes, remove the fruit and fruit juice. you'll be amazed at the difference.

    don't drink morning coffee until/unless you are really dragging and need the caffeine. trust me, you'll need/want way less of it, other than for the flavor.

    eat more fat and meat at lunch! probably breakfast too, as in adding bacon or sausage to the eggs. it makes a huge difference. and remember: EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. sorry for the caps, but i think a lot of people (especially women) who try this hold on to their old mantras of keeping meat portions small and eating lean meat rather than fatty meat. if you simply remove sugars and grains from your diet and don't adequately compensate, you'll be hungry and miserable. do not be afraid to have a big burger (sans bun) for lunch. that meal of fat and protein mid-day will make you feel like a million bucks. trust me.

    good luck! if you really let got of conventional wisdom and fully embrace this, you will be amazed. you'll be blown away by how your body feels and you'll probably be a little annoyed that you're just now learning about this haha. i have been primal for over a year and there's no way i would ever eat like i used to. i feel amazing and i look great. i'm sure you will too.

    have fun with the steak!

  5. The reason to eat a decent amount of food daily (1500 cal or more), even when you're not hungry (unless you're ill) is to prevent signaling your body that there is a famine. Your body's response to a famine is to ratchet down your metabolism in order to conserve energy.

    The adaptation response you're experiencing is common. Usually, the worst is over in 2 weeks, although it takes 6-8 weeks to be fully keto-adapted, assuming your carb levels have gone low enough (70g/day max).

  6. Regarding Charlie's constipation, there are a few tactics to try:
    *glycerine suppositories
    *more water
    *more magnesium

    The suppositories are self-explanatory. You need more water on a low-carb diet, especially in the beginning to help the kidneys process the extra protein you should be eating. Drink enough to urinate 3-4 times/day and have it be a light straw color.

    Magnesium helps keep things moving in the GI tract, as well as catalyzing 300 chemical reactions in the body. Spinach is a good food source, but Charlie might find it helpful to supplement. He should use a chelated form of the mineral, e.g., citrate, malate, glycinate.

    I omitted fiber because of how it works in the colon. Fiber damage the lining of the colon. When the colon repairs itself, it secretes a lubricating fluid, and *that's* what moves things along. Besides, All-Bran is made from wheat, and wheat has lots of sticky, sticky gluten.

  7. Hi Sophie!

    What great advice you're getting. It's really good to keep the blog for accountability - you know studies have shown gestures like this increase the success of such lifestyle changes!

    Looking toward to your daily update! :)

  8. I missed the comment you made about constipation. This is something that I've dealt with on and off since I was born (yes, really). I don't want to drown you in new information, but the Fibre Menace/Gutsense website is full of great stuff.

    Basically, cut out hard grain-based fibres (which bloat, ferment, and kill off your gut bacteria), then get some good probiotics (either naturally through kombucha or natural yoghurt or kefir or something, or in a pill - whatever you find easiest), and a natural, gentle laxative (either high dosages of VitC or something like epsom salts etc).

    For me, cutting dairy and upping my fish oil and coconut oil intake has pretty much sorted it, (with the probiotics and no grains).

    good luck!